Thursday, February 21, 2008

Psychedelic Sex

Sexy Babes Asian

It was Halloween and I took mushrooms with my friend and went to a party. He disappeared, and there I was feeling a little lost when one of my students came up (I was a teaching assistant). Nice one! I don't think she noticed.

Anyway, I went back to my dorm (a co-op, all hippy dippy) and met my girlfriend, who was really angry at me because I wanted to go climbing with friends the next day. I sat there with her on the couch listening to her. I was like, "Baby, it's really hard to argue with you. I'm seeing the first visuals I've ever had in my life!" She said it was hard to argue for her, too, because she'd dropped some Ecstasy(!). So we kept at it for a little while, until we got bored or something.

Then we went to her closet (she shared her bedroom with several other people, but had put a mattress in a closet--it just fit) and started fucking. It was completely dark, and I was tripping hard. My friend (the buddy that bailed on me at the party) always said that shrooms kill his sex drive. It made it interesting for me: kind of calm. All of the bullish 'rutting' behavior was out of me, and it became a slow, aesthetic experience. Just a nice in-and-out, holding her and listening to her enjoy herself.

It was bizarre, because she felt like she was in two pieces, split at her torso, like a Picasso painting... but not in any way grotesque -- it was actually kind of cool. I knew she was there all safe and happy amidst all of the peaches and oranges and thighs and breasts I was groping. The moistness was glorious. I put my hand on her cunt as I pushed in and out and I'd never felt it wetter. I told her it felt like a big flower. This made her gush, "Really?" "Yeah, like a Georgia O'Keefe painting." It did feel like I was fucking a Georgia O'Keefe painting. Wow.

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